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Innovate applying new IT Trends in Enterprises

Evolve the Organization aligning technology and business in one direction

Whose goal is to relax organizations and align business strategies and IT in a common capacity for this best practices raised by TOGAF and other regulatory bodies com Open Group and OASIS would apply. See services
Which aims to be the hub of flexibility and technological decoupling of an organization, is the bloc that groups together in an integrated way (through the concept of Architecture) different concepts such as Portal, BPM, SOA, ECM, bigdata, Security etc.. See services
Whose goal is to transform their organizations customer relationship strategy and citizens applying omnicanalidad models and cloud-oriented strategies and the use of social networks as a new tool / channel of communication and information retrieval. See services

First market methodology that combines the development iterative strategy based on AGILE models and SCRUM guides, that allows in parallel to adopt an Enterprise Architecture and implement a government strategy oriented to artifacts.

IterAE methodology arises from the experience gained by SOAInt in diverse projects that addressed different types of combined technologies (BPM, SOA, ECM, Business Rules, Portals, J2EE), which required to raise diverse development models integrated each other in order to get the final solution demanded by the client. The concern came as a result of continuous delay that occurred in this type of projects, as well as the complexity on the part of the customer to take control over the outcome. The conclusion that we have reached was the need that the government methodology was running in parallel with the implementation.

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En trabajo conjunto con Gartner y con Open Group hemos ido desarrollando una serie de talleres que permiten entender en detalle la aplicación de los conceptos asociados a las 3 líneas de SOAInt: Arquitectura Empresarial, Customer Xperience y Middleware, así como permite también acotar la necesidad y el tipo de proyecto que el cliente quiere

Consultant's blog